Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Off Topic Tuesday: Wings of Glory

Enemies so close that we are screaming insults at one another.
RAF cruising over hostile skies.
After the wreckage of finals were clearly and all of my psychic checks passed I went down to the club to sooth my fevered brain.  Fritz came by and brought Wings of Glory, a tabletop card game set in World War I (and World War II).  We played a 2v2 over the villages of France on the WoG game mat, we each chose a plane and took to the skies!  The Germans pilots for the night were Fritz and Burt and the RAF pilots were John and I.  For the setup we just put our aircraft on the table edge and just went at it.  Each plane has a control panel for your planes characteristics card and damage cards when you take damage, there are also three slots for movement cards that you plan out before each turn.  In classic dogfighting style we both fly straight into our opponents guns trying to get a good angle on the other pilot.
Jerry out in the open.
The Red Baron makes an appearance.
Going in for the kill!
My first kill of the night was Burt's Albatros D.Va, the damage card he drew was an explosion.  While his plane plummeted to the ground in an fiery wreck, we both turned our attention to Fritz.  After that game the RAF racked up multiple kills.  The game system is very fun and easy to learn, so get your pilots goggles and let the bullets fly!
Placing Fritz's characteristic card down to clear up confusion.

Taking the fight head on!


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