Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Off Topic Tuesday: Wings of Glory

Enemies so close that we are screaming insults at one another.
RAF cruising over hostile skies.
After the wreckage of finals were clearly and all of my psychic checks passed I went down to the club to sooth my fevered brain.  Fritz came by and brought Wings of Glory, a tabletop card game set in World War I (and World War II).  We played a 2v2 over the villages of France on the WoG game mat, we each chose a plane and took to the skies!  The Germans pilots for the night were Fritz and Burt and the RAF pilots were John and I.  For the setup we just put our aircraft on the table edge and just went at it.  Each plane has a control panel for your planes characteristics card and damage cards when you take damage, there are also three slots for movement cards that you plan out before each turn.  In classic dogfighting style we both fly straight into our opponents guns trying to get a good angle on the other pilot.
Jerry out in the open.
The Red Baron makes an appearance.
Going in for the kill!
My first kill of the night was Burt's Albatros D.Va, the damage card he drew was an explosion.  While his plane plummeted to the ground in an fiery wreck, we both turned our attention to Fritz.  After that game the RAF racked up multiple kills.  The game system is very fun and easy to learn, so get your pilots goggles and let the bullets fly!
Placing Fritz's characteristic card down to clear up confusion.

Taking the fight head on!


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Tale of Two Orks...

On Monday I played the steadfast Ork player Ryan (WarbossRyan).  The mission was Big Guns Never Tire and deployment was Dawn of War.  Ryan won the roll off for who deploys first, and he deployed a lot!  He didn't run his Dakka Jets this game but he ran a lot of infantry.  After I deployed I seized the initiative from him and then the battle began.  In true Space Wolves fashion I drive my Land Raider forward with the intent to cause massive amounts of destruction.  All my Long Fangs fired there missiles at very squishy targets.  Ryan's Nob Bikers charged my Land Raider and in a sheer act of stubbornness they took off two hull points and rolled a crew shaken result.  While my Land Raider was immobile in a sea of green my Grey Hunters piled out of there Rhino's and poured fire onto the oncoming tide.  When my Land Raider was mobile again it all of my Blood Claws including Arjac disembarked and took the fight to the enemy.  Arjac took one wound from Overwatch and challenged the Nob Biker Warboss causing 3 wounds but paying the ultimate price.  After that the Nobs tore my Blood Claws apart.  Once the path was cleared everything I had shot at the Nob Bikers, killing all of them.  After that the Nobs took MVP of the game killing my Grey Hunters and my Longs Fangs sitting on an objective.  Also my Warlord super whiffed, killing himself with his force weapon.
Super Weenie Hut General...

The battle has begun.

Many Wolves walked the Scarlet Path
Where did all the bikers go?  Where did the Wolves go?!?!


Friday, April 19, 2013

The Workbench: Arjac Finished

I haven't posted anything in two weeks and that shouldn't happen...ever.  Here is my finished Arjac Rockfist.

Another gripe I have about Arjac is that his eyes are so small that you can barely paint decent eyes.

Heres a preview of my Vietnam themed Guard allies.


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Work in Progress...

Yesterday  I started to paint Arjac Rockfist.  It was the first finecast model I ever owned and I gotta say its a bad one.  There were a lot of imperfections on this model but I cleaned it up the best I could and I let it sit on my desk for weeks.  Now I started to paint him because he is such a great upgrade character.

 I first started off with a 50/50 mix of Shadow Grey and Space Wolves Grey over a black undercoat.
 Then I used Asurmen Blue wash and washed all the armor.  When that was dried I dry brushed the 50/50 mix over that.

All the yellow was then painted with Iyanden Darksun, then washed the Gryphonne Sepia.  A layer of Golden Yellow was applied over the washed areas.

This is where I got lazy and didn't take pictures of ever step, so I'll walk you through it.
 The gold was a layer of Army Painter Weapon Bronze, Greedy Gold, and a wash of Brown Ink.
The metal areas were painted with Boltgun Metal, Badab Black, and Platemail Metal.
The skin tone is Tallarn Flesh with a Ogryn Flesh wash.  I still need to highlight the face with Dwarf Flesh and Elf Flesh.  Bestial Brown was then applied to all the areas which are bones, bleached bone was painted over.  Then a liberal wash of Dark Tone was added.

Hope you guys like it, more pictures are on the way!


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Farcehammer 40k

Today I walked into Battle for Salvation getting ready to play an 1850 game against Will with my Space Wolves.  Trying to imagine what horrors he had waiting for me I put my things down and set up a table.  We rolled for everything, The Relic, Hammer and Anvil, table sides, and who goes first.  I get first turn, right as I put my hand on my Land Raider, my friend James stops me to tell me to spotlight his vile Bloodthirster, since it was night fight.  Then my friend Simon comes over to watch us play, while this is happening through unknown events I was relinquished of my command.  Simon was controlling my heavy support and James was controlling my troops.

This was my list at 1849:

1x Rune Priest 130
Wolf Tooth Necklace
Runic Armor

Arjac Rockfist 188
Wolf Tooth Necklace
14x Blood Claws 210
Land Raider Crusader 260
Multi Melta 10

1x Wolf Guard 43
Combi Melta 5
Frost Blade 20
9x Grey Hunters 140
1x Meltagun 5
Rhino 35

1x Wolf Guard 43
Combi Melta 5
Frost Blade 20
9x Grey Hunters 140
1x Meltagun 5
Rhino 35

10x Grey Hunters 160
2x Plasma Guns 10
Rhino 35

1x Squad Leader 140
5x Long Fangs
Missile Launchers 10
1x Squad Leader 140
5x Long Fangs
Missile Launchers 10
Razorback  40  Twin Linked Las Cannon 35      75
Razorback  40  Twin Linked Las Cannon 35      75

Turn 1 ALL of my Long Fangs fired at the Bloodthirster and killed it out right, after being light up by searchlights.

After that, Will's Obliterators tried to get revenge on my Wolves, and whiffed.

Now here is the surprise twist, the whole time while my friends took the fight to Will I was snapping shots of everything.  When Turn 2 rolled around and the Helldrakes came flying in like bats....from hell my friends turned tale and left.  Leaving me to finish the game.

 During this turn Will destroyed both my Rhinos on the bridge with a hail of gunfire from the Obliterators.  Thats when the Helldrakes struck, turning all of those Grey Hunters into burnt toast.

Grey Hunters wait for a glorious death.

 After that my Blood Claws leapt out of my Land Raider with Arjac Rockfist leading the charge.  Which turned the bridge into a killing field.
The zombies shamble onwards
into the fray.

After this giant combat that lasted 2 turns my Blood Claws were all spent up and Arjac was the lone survivor.  I had nothing left so I called it quits, we played Star Fluxx until our time was up.

Here are the rest of the photos I posted.

 Typhus mercilessly turns this human into a follower of Nurgle.
Blood Claws go in for the kill!


Sunday, March 31, 2013

What If...

What if Space Wolves got Stormtalons?


All would be right in 40k.