Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Tale of Two Orks...

On Monday I played the steadfast Ork player Ryan (WarbossRyan).  The mission was Big Guns Never Tire and deployment was Dawn of War.  Ryan won the roll off for who deploys first, and he deployed a lot!  He didn't run his Dakka Jets this game but he ran a lot of infantry.  After I deployed I seized the initiative from him and then the battle began.  In true Space Wolves fashion I drive my Land Raider forward with the intent to cause massive amounts of destruction.  All my Long Fangs fired there missiles at very squishy targets.  Ryan's Nob Bikers charged my Land Raider and in a sheer act of stubbornness they took off two hull points and rolled a crew shaken result.  While my Land Raider was immobile in a sea of green my Grey Hunters piled out of there Rhino's and poured fire onto the oncoming tide.  When my Land Raider was mobile again it all of my Blood Claws including Arjac disembarked and took the fight to the enemy.  Arjac took one wound from Overwatch and challenged the Nob Biker Warboss causing 3 wounds but paying the ultimate price.  After that the Nobs tore my Blood Claws apart.  Once the path was cleared everything I had shot at the Nob Bikers, killing all of them.  After that the Nobs took MVP of the game killing my Grey Hunters and my Longs Fangs sitting on an objective.  Also my Warlord super whiffed, killing himself with his force weapon.
Super Weenie Hut General...

The battle has begun.

Many Wolves walked the Scarlet Path
Where did all the bikers go?  Where did the Wolves go?!?!


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