Friday, April 19, 2013

The Workbench: Arjac Finished

I haven't posted anything in two weeks and that shouldn't happen...ever.  Here is my finished Arjac Rockfist.

Another gripe I have about Arjac is that his eyes are so small that you can barely paint decent eyes.

Heres a preview of my Vietnam themed Guard allies.



  1. Nice stuff, Fritz mentioned your blog so I came over to have a look.
    He looks good although the Terminator armour could do with a little more depth, the wash looks good but either some highlights or a darker blue right down at the base and in the deeper parts of the armour would help.

    It's not always easy to keep regular blog posts up, but better to stick with quality posts than just anything!

    Keep it up!

    1. Thanks dude and thanks for the construction criticism!

  2. I agree with kris, a brighter color on the top surfaces of arjacs armpit will really add depth and make him pop more. Still a really well done model Ralphie.

  3. Wow autocorrect. Not armpit, armour!